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Innate & Co

The Results

Organic lifestyle brand, selling ladies, children's clothing and accessories.

Innate & Co were new to the market and without a seasoned pixel or any social audiences, they had a steep goal. Utilising cross channel advertising, we took them from $200 per month to $18,000 in 90 days.

  • CLIENT: Innate & Co
  • SERVICES:Facebook Ads, Pinterest Advertising, Email Marketing
  • WEBSITE: www.innateandco.com

Return on Ad Spend


Monthly revenue after 120 days


Conversion Rate


The Objective

This brand was brand new to the market. Their objective was to build, grow and scale their brands achieving rapid revenue growth. We had some big targets to hit. 

The Solution

We launched a cross-channel advertising campaign, utilising multi prospecting channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Shopping. We tested creative across each channel, and audience demographics to fund the brands sweet spot. This enabled us to scale fast. As part of our retargeting sequence, we developed multiple stacks to ensure conversion at each level of the funnel.

The Impact

The first few months delivered fantastic results we were able to scale the ROAS to over 4x in just a few short weeks. We managed to build a good foundation of customer details and populate the pixel with valuable data to help scale the account account moving forward. 

Willow Jones

Willow Jones

Founder, Innate & Co

We were a new brand to the market and i was very nervous about taking a leap of faith with Facebook Ads. Performance was beyond what I could have imagined and I could not simply not have delivered this success on my own. The team worked incredible hard to make this work for me.