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Sustainable, ethical, and luxurious children's clothing with natural fibers and non-toxic dyes.

We were approached with a brief to dramatically increase ad performance. Having previously struggled with performance and making a profit from Facebook Ads, it was vital we turned this around.

Increase in Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate




The Objective

Having had no success with Facebook ads before, our brief was to help increase revenue through multiple touch-points via prospecting and retargeting. 

The Solution

We integrated all tracking and created a go-to-market plan which devised the strategy into four key stages. The first stage was prospecting a cold audience, as we have no historical data we used a number of audience mapping tools and copy writing skills to fine tune the TOV and demographics. This meant we built a clear picture of who are target audience where. The second stage was retargeting warm site traffic and utilising conversion ads. This created a very clear picture in terms of which types of products people were interested in which fed back into the first stage creative and copy. The third stage was DPA and objection handling. Finally in the fourth stage we used custom audiences to drive re-purchase.

The Result

The results where fantastic , we quickly scaled the account to an average 4X ROAS and we are now beginning to scale the brand.