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A Fresh Thinking Team With Purpose


We’re a digital agency that cares – and we’re not just saying that.

We’re passionate about people and the planet, and about businesses doing good things to solve tough problems with kind solutions.

Our mission is to empower natural, organic and eco-friendly brands to scale online, driving increased consumer adoption of conscious solutions.

We only work with conscious products

We define conscious products as those that are evolutions of existing consumer solutions, delivered in a way that is more sustainable for human and planetary health (that might be clothes made from organic textiles or skincare packed with natural ingredients).

While our clients work to build harmony with nature, we work to harmonise and optimise their data, email and advertising strategies to deliver the revenue they need to scale the adoption of their products in the marketplace.

E-commerce Growth Specialists For Conscious Brands

We’re a specialist digital agency, here to support the brands our future needs.

The future of commerce is sustainable brands, sustainable supply chains, consumer transparency and personalisation. In short, an evolution of lots of data and lots of kindness.


We love our clients and we love what we do. Our passion lies in providing a service that sees our clients succeed. Supporting them is our way of supporting the planet and influencing cleaner and greener consumer habits.


We understand our clients are as passionate about people and the planet as we are. Our promise is to never stop evolving and to continuously apply our learnings and insights to help our clients help the world.


We’re a Net Zero business with a 3D Impact Strategy built to drive business, industry and community impact. Read more about what we’re doing to reduce waste and support natural resources here.


We’re not a one-size-fits-all digital agency. We’re specialists, dedicated to our niche, here to support natural, organic and eco-friendly brands that are working to provide kinder solutions for people and the planet.

We demand big things from ourselves for our clients. We believe in bringing conscious people and conscious brands together using data-driven advertising and email marketing, built to convert prospects to leads, leads to customers, and customers to brand advocates.

Our strategies and methodologies have been honed over years of work to generate consistently increasing revenue results for our clients, factoring the importance of:

  • Short-term growth: growing their year-on-year sales and revenue results.
  • Long-term growth: building an engaged community of brand advocates to future-proof their success.
  • Industry growth: staying ahead of the curve as sustainable e-commerce becomes mainstream.

Empowering sustainable brands to build, grow and scale through expert performance marketing.

We’re committed to our industry integrity and share the same passion as our clients: evolution, sustainability and growth.

  • Evolution: our future depends on us all staying open, nimble and adaptable to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.
  • Inclusion: everyone must start somewhere. We work with brands that are full-blown eco ninjas as well as eco newbies that want to evolve.
  • Integrity: we walk our talk. We say ‘no’ to work that doesn’t align with our brand values and we’re dedicated to furthering our positive impact on the planet via our 3D Impact Strategy.
  • Sustainability: we exist to increase the adoption of conscious products and influence cleaner and greener consumer habits.
  • Mindfulness: we’re mindful about our clients, our team and ourselves, and it’s ingrained in our culture.
  • Empowerment: we exist to empower businesses and consumers to clean up humanity’s consumption habits for a healthier future.
  • Presence: we show up 100% for our clients as a passionate, helpful and happy extension of their team.

Our Impact

We’re proudly a Net Zero business with a 3D Impact Strategy that is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, built to drive business, industry and community impact. Check out what we’re doing to reduce waste and support natural resources here.

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A Passionate & Creative Team

We’re digital thinkers and conscious problem solvers

Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie Fisher

Founder & Director

Stephanie Fisher

Founder, Director

Stephanie, the founder of Naked Media is an experienced digital strategist with an award-winning history. With over eight years’ experience in national and global agencies, she has an extensive background in digital marketing, developing and implementing large-scale growth strategies for global brands. She has the knowledge and passion it takes to get conscious brands noticed.

Phil Kiel

Phil Kiel

Head of Paid Performance

Phil Kiel

Head Of Paid

With over 10 years’ experience in the media buy and digital space, Phil has extensive knowledge when it comes to Facebook advertising. Having scaled a number of global e-commerce and lead generation brands, he is a trusted paid media guru that delivers true ROI. Phil is a certified Facebook and Google Adwords expert.

Ella Ashton

Ella Ashton

Snr. Paid Media Manager

Ella Ashton

Snr. Paid Media Manager

Ella is a trusted expert in the e-commerce space. Having worked with a number of e-commerce brands since 2014, her ability to deliver and scale revenue results is second to none. As a certified Google AdWords specialists and Facebook media buyer, Ella brings an advanced dimension to the team that aligns with our vision.

Byron Fisher

Byron Fisher

Office Manager

Byron Fisher

Office Manager

Byron is a founding member of the Naked Media team. His sensitive nature and natural ability to lend a listening ear has seen him thrive as Office Manager!

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