We are very excited to learn how Facebook has teamed up with Eventbrite, in a bid to make it easier for event-based businesses to distribute and sell tickets directly via Facebook.

According to adweek, the new Eventbrite-powered Ticketing on Facebook feature enables all Facebook pages in the U.S. to select Create Tickets during the process of setting up events, at which point they can add the options of free or paid tickets, which will be displayed prominently on the event page.

This is a great move for both platforms as it becomes easier to sell, track and enable communication.

For event planners this means it will become much easier to drive ticket sales across Facebook. At Naked Media we are already familiar with the benfits of using Eventbrite over any other ticketing platform, due to the ease of tracking via Facebook pixel.  Further integration, means event organisers will be able to drive their budget further, allowing for more ticket sales at a lower cost.

And for attendees, the process of registering or purchasing tickets on Facebook provides an easy and safe environment and checking into events is sped up with simple scans of mobile or printed tickets. They will also receive confirmation and reminder emails as the event approaches.

Facebook director of product management Sue Young said in a release detailing the initiative, “For the past several years, Facebook and Eventbrite have been partnering closely to help bring people together with the communities and live experiences that they love. Our partnership has enabled people to seamlessly and securely purchase tickets to events on Facebook. With this product, we are making it easier for event organizers to create and start selling tickets directly on Facebook by helping them complete the process without ever leaving the application.”

And Eventbrite senior vice president of platform Pat Poels added, “Eventbrite and Facebook both share a passion to inspire connection and help bring people together. Past generations built their identities around their material possessions, but our News Feeds today are filled with experiences, not the things we own. 700 million people use Facebook events each month, and partnering on this initiative is our effort to better serve the people responsible for bringing those events and gatherings to life—including small businesses and entrepreneurs whose core business is not throwing events.”