How we dramatically increased improvement at top of funnel. 

The Results:

🏆 3.5 x ROAS 

🏆 257% Increase in conversions 

🏆 201% Decrease in cost 

The Background:

Sitting in a crowded health and wellness space, this client has historically struggled to gain traction across their advertising campaigns. The biggest issue we identified was the inability to drive profitable campaigns at top of funnel, targeting cold audiences. This in turn had a significant impact on the bottom of funnel and retargeting performance. 

Here are three key learnings from what we did: 

Hack #1: Slideshows of UGC content out performed all other content variants.

Hack #2: Set up rules to ensure the CPA stays below the average KPI and the ROAS stays above target. (For example, if an ad set had spent $15 but didn’t have a purchase facebook would turn the ad set off, and then if an ad set had spent more than $25.00 and ROAS was below 2.9 the ad set would pause and facebook is forced to push budget into the other ad-sets)

Hack #3: Use best performing creative in the ads, with plenty of social proof on!

The Results:

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