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Email Marketing

Your email database is one of your most profitable assets, providing you know how to nurture, engage, reengage and convert your customers.

The foundation for successful email automation lives in data. We can offer clear and concise strategy which delivers direct conversions for your business, increasing sales efficiency. Automations use triggers to send emails at the right time. We can gain valuable insights from how people interact with your automation to improve efficiency.

Nurturing & Automation

Email marketing continues to be one of the largest revenue generators for businesses, especially those in the e-commerce space. Industry standards state that email marketing should make up approximately 30-50% of an e-commerce store’s revenue.

Abandoned Carts

75% of people who abandon their carts usually plan to come back, so if you’re not sending a high performing abandoned cart emails, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

Welcome Series

Welcome emails are an essential asset to any business. Most brands use an discount incentive to encourage signups, therefore getting your welcome series right is crucial in making the first impression and driving loyalty among your new prospects.

Win Back

Lapsed audience and an exceptionally valuable tool to tap into within your business as these are audiences who have expressed interest but have slowly depleted. A high performing win back series is an excellent way to drive more revenue for your store.

Purchase Sequences

The purpose of flows is to automate new customers’ journeys, through automated nurturing sequences. This guides new customers and lapsed customers back through a purchase sequence.

Campaign Content

The purpose of campaign content is continue to nurture current and active customers, this ensures we increase revenue month on month through smart segmentation, cross-sells and up-sells.

Analyse & Review

Understand and analyse your current strategy. Map out the current flow and triggers to understand the key process and analytics, this will give us a good understanding around conversion rates at each campaign level and where the leaks or opportunities may be.

Category Phase

Once we have the key series and flows mapped and built we look at further opportunities to drive sales, this includes sequences based on site behaviour. In this phase we map out consumer types based on buying habits and purchases – this will allow us to segment our audience further and begin to build a highly engaged audience.

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