#plasticfreejuly tip: The majority of online orders arrive in plastic packaging. It’s thought that 32% of plastic packaging escapes collection systems and enters our natural environment.

Four key steps to reducing your plastic packaging: 

> Audit 

> Reduce 

> Measure 

> Celebrate

To get started, Less Plastic Ltd suggests:

⭐️ List all the plastic packaging you currently use (e.g. sellotape, bubble wrap, plastic envelopes, jiffy bags, polystyrene).

⭐️ Estimate the weight of that plastic (monthly and annually) and use this as the benchmark that you aim to reduce.

⭐️ It’s helpful to visualise this weight as a pile of plastic water bottles (14 tonnes of plastic is the equivalent of 650K plastic water bottles).

⭐️ Source and use plastic-free alternatives (find ideas in our next posts).

⭐️ Every quarter, complete the same assessment to determine the amount of plastic you’ve saved. Measuring your achievements is important in highlighting your successes and identifying ways to make further improvements.
⭐️ Celebrate your quarterly and annual plastic savings – internally with staff, and externally with customers, suppliers and press/social media – to inspire others to follow your lead.

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